His story started after watching the movie ‘Silent World’ by Jacques Cousteau. He discovered the underwater world by skin diving in his childhood days. In the early 90s Ali carried his photography hobby to underwater. He won several underwater photography competition awards, which motivated him to become an underwater professional through working for several magazines including Skylife (Turkish Airlines).

In 2000 he passed from salty waters to freshwaters; lakes, creeks, rivers and finally caves. He found himself to be a speleologist and a cave diver. Accomplished many explorations and projects. Keskin’s experience is polished with altitude and ice diving. These explorations were published at ATLAS and National Geographic Turkey and DIVER magazines.

Keskin has worked with many associations. Amongst are ODTU-SAT MADAG, ASPEG, BUMAD and OBRUK research groups.

Ali Ethem Keskin holds many international underwater photograpy awards and currently his an active technical diver and speleologist writing articles for ATLAS and MAGMA magazines and making documentary series for BEINIZ TV. In 2019 he shoot the underwater scenes for Nat Geo series Drain The Oceans – Sea of Secrets.

Currently Ali Ethem Keskin has his own company giving consultancy services on developing underwater technologies.

Beyond Ocean Year – January 1996 – Ataturk Cultural Centre – Istanbul.
From Rize Summits to the depths of the Black Sea – Februay 2006 – Ataturk Cultural Centre
Kulture Under and Above Gaziantep – May 2013
Subterranean Sutructures of Kayseri – September 2014
A River is Born – February 2015 – TAV Gallery – Ataturk Airport – Istanbul